Almost all of our documents have editable fields to customize them to your specific needs. They are also delivered in word and excel format so they’re fully editable.

Contact us at any of the methods listed on our contact page and we will be able to get it fixed for you asap!

The people who built the documents have been successfully operating coffee shops since 2009. They have spent countless hours building and developing everything that you will have access to. It’s being offered at this price to save you the time building the same documents. They did it so you don’t have to. Your time should be spent building your team and increasing your store’s revenue.

At the moment yes. We are always working on building more and will update the package as we do. If you log are logged in, you’ll be able to access any new ones.

The session is yours to ask whatever questions you believe will help you with your coffee shop venture. We have been working in the industry since 2009 and have been through most situations. We can guide you through employee coaching to equipment selection to revenue projections.

While most topics can be covered in your sessions, coffee shop layouts and menu creations cannot be covered. If you are interested in having a coach work with you to design your store layout, this can be worked out separately.

Coffee Shop Doc serves as a template and guide to help you navigate your business. Even if you don’t live in New York, you can use the information to know exactly what to look for in your home state.

All of the documents are meant to serve as a template. If you would like to use anything for this purpose, you must consult with your local counsel to make sure it is in compliance with all of your local and state regulations.

The information provided with regards to construction and recommended layout are just recommendations. Some states and local health departments may require additional items. Please be sure to check with your local government agencies to make sure you are following the correct code. 

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