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Don’t waste another minute searching endlessly for the documents you’ll need for your business. Whether you’re thinking of opening, in the process already, or have been in business for a while, look no further.



Coffee Lover Notes

Created by the founders of Birch Coffee, in NY.


CoffeeShopDoc is the brainchild of Paul Schlader and Jeremy Lyman. They founded Birch Coffee in 2009 and have spent years building a successful independent chain in New York City. Along the way, they realized how much they enjoyed helping and supporting other business owners, new or seasoned and thus was born.


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Every doc you’ll need to get up and running…

Easy to use

Buy, download, done. It’s that easy. We have categorized all the documents and they will download accordingly. They’re easy to use and file and customize to make them you’re own.

Detail oriented

The documents are very specific and organized and will help you navigate all the things you know you need and all the other items you didn’t even know existed. The documents can also be adjusted to fit your specific store nuances.

Fully editable

All documents will be sent along in word or excel formats so they are easy to adjust specifically to your own needs. All excel files are built with custom formulas to make the process of building a business easier.

Covering all the topics of a coffee shop:

Getting Started
Customer Service
Staff Maintenance
Store Maintenance
Document Index

We’ve got the best resources to help coffee shop owners succeed in a competitive market.

Save hundreds of hours!

CoffeeShopDoc will save hundreds of hours of your life. Instead of spending countless hours searching for how to put everything together, you’ll be able to spend that time finding the best teams, the perfect location, and sourcing the highest quality products.


Organize your Finances

CoffeeShopDoc allows you to apply your important financial information and forecast into our spreadsheets and you won’t have to waste a minute building a lengthy P&L spreadsheet. You can focus on actually profiting instead of building spreadsheets.

The best on the market.

CoffeeShopDoc is currently the best and only resource library on the market, and will allow you to really hone your craft. After working in this niche market for more than 12 years, we know the ins and outs of how to navigate it and we’ve put it all in one place.