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We have taken the last 15 years to build all the documented resources you will need to operate your coffee shop so you can take the time to focus on building your team, your sales and growing your bottom line.


Access to Coffee Business Operation Resources

You will have access to over 100 different documents and checklists that will allow you to easily put together all your own customized coffee shop needs in a matter of minutes instead of countless hours.

Access to Coffee Business Coaching

You will access to coaches who have spent a collective five decades working in hospitality and over thirty years in coffee shop operations alone. They can guide you on your journey.

Minimize Time
Spent Searching

Say goodbye to endless hours of searching for templates and information that are likely way out of date. Spend time doing what you love - running your business, building your team & growing your brand.

What is Coffee Shop Doc?

Opening a Coffee Shop is challenging work. It can certainly sound like a novel idea, but when it comes down to it, if you’re not fully prepared physically, mentally and emotionally, it will be a lot more challenging than it needs to be.

Far too often, we see people open a coffee shop because “it sounds like fun”, and within months, they either have to close their doors or never want to step foot in a coffee shop again!

We created Coffee Shop Doc so that people who want to open a coffee shop know what they’re about to get into, have access to the resources they need to do it right, and thrive in the industry so it stays fresh and fun and makes the hard parts much more manageable.


Read What Customers Have to Say About Coffee Shop Doc.

“Coffee Shop Doc has been a valuable resource as I have started my business. Not only did I use it before I opened to help me with the planning stages, but I continue to use it as I run my shop. I’m so grateful I don’t have to start from ‘scratch’!”

Debbie C.

Busy Nothings Coffee Co.
Smithfield, VA

“I didn’t expect to find a “manual”, per se, on how to go about the process of opening your first coffee shop – but this surprising find continues to give and give as a deep and loaded resource of goodies, from small minor details that would only be addressed when they are medium to larger size problems to obvious questions and holes that need to be filled during the journey. Well worth, repeats: well worth, the $ investment. Pays for itself over and over.”

Razzy G.

Navi’s Coffee
Miami, FL

“Coffee Shop Doc has been a valuable resource as I have started my business. Not only did I use it before I opened to help me with the planning stages, but I continue to use it as I run my shop. I’m so grateful I don’t have to start from ‘scratch’!”

Debbie C.

Busy Nothings Coffee Co.
Smithfield, VA

Who is Coffee Shop Doc for?

Are you ready to turn your coffee shop dreams into a reality?

These exclusive documents are specifically designed for individuals whom:

Here's What's Inside Coffee Shop Doc.

#1 - Coffee Shop Documents

Say goodbye to endless hours of searching for the right resources for your coffee shop!

Coffee Shop Doc has all the information and tools you need to open, operate, and market your business successfully.

We've got everything from getting started guides to help you launch with confidence, to store maintenance checklists to ensure everything runs smoothly, to staff training materials to build a top-notch team, to customer service tips.

#2 - Comprehensive Coffee Shop Forms and Checklists:

After spending over the last 15+ years working with the coffee industry, we created checklists that cover every aspect of running a successful coffee business, from opening to closing and everything in between.

These checklists will save you time and help you stay organized, so you can focus on providing the best experience for your customers.

How Coffee Shop Doc works:

Order Your Coffee Shop Doc Package!

It’s simple. Click to place your order and receive a link to access over 100 customizable documents and checklists to maximize your coffee shop’s output.

Download Your Docs!

Once you’ve downloaded your documents, you’ll have full control over what goes into each document or checklist. We’ve even created organized folders so you can easily find the categorized documents you need.

Edit and Customize Your Docs!

Every coffee shop is different so these all serve as editable templates where you can put in your own unique language as well as your shop’s name and your logo.

Enjoy the Benefits of Your New Docs!

Once everything is complete, you and your team will be able to start realizing the benefits immediately. You will all be able to communicate more effectively with your teams and have a much higher level of expectations because of the clarity you’re presenting with your new docs!

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Access to all the documents and guides needed for opening, operating, and running a successful coffee shop, from start to finish.

Streamline day-to-day operations with comprehensive store checklists, tailored to the unique needs of your coffee shop.

Spend your critical time developing your teams and your brand and increasing your revenue instead of using it to scour the internet for all the documents you’ll need to operate efficiently.


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