Coffee Shop Doc

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I need to make edits to a document I downloaded?

Almost all of our documents have editable fields to customize them to your specific needs. They are also delivered in word and excel format so they’re fully editable.

What should I do if there is a glitch or an error in one of my downloaded excel files?

Contact us at any of the methods listed on our contact page and we will be able to get it fixed for you asap!

If I have a chain of stores, do I have to download multiple sets of documents or can I buy just one?

Contact us for volume store pricing.

What if I want to focus on a few different areas with my mentor?

Your mentor time is your mentor time, and it really depends on how you pose your questions. Mentors are here to help you succeed, so just ask.

Can I share my user name and password with other people and pay for only one membership?

You are paired with a mentor based on your specific areas of need. If you have other employees, they should have a mentor best suited to their needs and hence, they’ll need their own membership!

What is the benefit of signing up for a year instead of a month at a time?

By signing up for a year in advance, you get all the benefits of membership at 50% off the monthly-pay price, and you don’t have to worry about the monthly charge to your statement.

What happens if I need more assistance and don’t think my mentor can help?

Contact us and we can help match you to a mentor that can help you further with your specific needs.