Coffee Shop Checklist​s

Browse through a sample of some of our main checklists to get a sense of the detailed guidelines and best practices we provide to help coffee shop owners thrive. With these checklists, we offer all the necessary resources to streamline your day-to-day coffee shop operations.

Opening Checklist

Our opening checklist ensures you're prepared for a successful day, covering everything from setting up the space to prepping ingredients.

Closing Checklist

With our closing checklist, you can ensure that you leave your coffee shop in top shape, ready for the next day's success.

Daily Report

With our daily report checklist, you can make data-driven decisions and keep your coffee shop operating at its best.

Manager Weekly Report

Stay informed and in control with our Manager Weekly Report checklist. This comprehensive report covers all the key metrics and operational details you need to track.

Employee Evaluation

With our Employee Evaluation checklist, you can provide constructive feedback and identify areas for improvement, helping your team to excel and your coffee shop to succeed.

New Hire In-Store Evaluation

Ensure your new hires are hitting the ground running with our comprehensive in-store evaluation checklist.

DOH Checklist

Stay on top of health and safety regulations with our Department of Health Checklist, designed specifically for coffee shops.

Store Walkthrough

Keep your coffee shop running smoothly with our Store Walkthrough checklist, designed to help you identify and address any issues that arise during your day-to-day operations.

Expense Reimbursement Request

Control store reimbursement requests for your staff quickly and easily with our Expense Reimbursement Request checklist.

Maintenance Request

Keep your coffee shop in top condition with our Maintenance Request checklist, designed to help you streamline your maintenance requests and repairs.

Incident Report

Be prepared for any situation with our Incident Report checklist, designed to help you document and report any incidents that occur in your coffee shop

Pay Change Request

Keep your employees happy and motivated with our Pay Change Request checklist, designed to make it easy to request and implement changes to your employees' pay.

Strike or Dismissal (Disciplinary)

Address disciplinary issues head-on with our Strike or Dismissal checklist, designed to help you navigate difficult situations with ease.

780 review

Ensure compliance with industry regulations with our 780 review checklist, designed specifically for coffee shops.

Employee Self-Evaluation

Keep your team members engaged and motivated with our Employee Self-Evaluation checklist, designed to help them reflect on their performance and set goals for the future.

Manager self evaluation

Keep your managers on track with our Manager Self-Evaluation checklist, designed to help them assess their performance and identify areas for improvement.

Sick Pay/PTO Request

Make it easy for your employees to request sick pay and PTO with our comprehensive Sick Pay/PTO Request checklist.

Bar Approval

Keep your coffee shop running smoothly with our Bar Approval checklist, designed to help you ensure that your bar meets industry standards and regulations.

In-Store Audit

Stay on top of your coffee shop's day-to-day operations with our In-Store Audit checklist, designed to help you identify areas for improvement and streamline your processes.

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